Mangrove Ecosystem

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The following mangrove reforestation and habitat creation photos provide the stages
of development and results in applications of Riley Encased Methodology (REM).
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Principle of Mangrove Isolation
Photo 1

Principle of mangrove Adaptation - Mangrove Seedlings
Photo 2

Photo 3

Mangrove shoreline stabilization and erosion control
Photo 4

Mangrove Coastal Resilience
Photo 5

Mangrove Coastal Resilience
Photo 6

Mangrove Encasement Device
Photo 7

Mangrove Reforestation Methodolgy
Photo 8

Shoreline Accretion and Mangrove Overgrowth
Photo 9

Photo 10

Non-Native Mangrove Environments

Photo 11

Mangrove Revegetation

Photo 12