The Wrack Line

Based on our research and planting experience we are able to refute the commonly
held view that the high failure rate of conventional planting is a product of seedlings being washed or eroded away.
Shorelines planted from Cape Canaveral to Biscayne Bay have experienced assult from wrack and floating debris of varied nature.

The wrack line primarily consist of sea grasses interspersed with litter, refuse fragments, debris, and can include lumber planks, dock pilings, and driftwood. Coupled with substantial wave and tidal activity the reader can envision the destructive forces to which a developing seedling can be subjected.

Although the washing away of a conventionally planted seedling is a possibility, the wrack has proven to be significantly more pervasive and consequential. At every site the wrack line has been the predominant factor in the failure of conventionally planted seedlings.

REM has demonstrated its unique ability to neutralize the destructive effects of the wrack and ensure long-term survivability.

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