• Grassroots : Grassroots Belize specializes in biodiversity management aimed to maintain a quintessential balance between biodiversity conservation and sustainable development. Offering a wide range of services that are guided by globally recognized approaches to sustainability.
  • Ecology Pocket Guide : Discover the major ecology types found around the world and design questions relevant to each. Ecology, from the Greek oikos meaning house, and logia, meaning the study of, is a term coined by Ernst Haeckel in 1899. Ecology has evolved to be a branch in science that studies the distributions, abundance, and relationships of organisms as well as interactions with the environment. Ecology includes the studies of populations, communities, and ecosystems. Courtsey of  IN SITE.
  • Protective functions of coastal forests and trees against natural hazards: Coastal forests and mangroves protect the coast from wind damage, salt spray, coastal erosion, typhoons, and can even save human lives during a tsunami. It is stressed that these coastal bioshields cannot provide complete protection; they must be part of a regional plan to reduce the risk of loss of life, property and infrastructure to an acceptable level. Coastal forests and mangroves need to be restored and even created to enhance the capacity of estuaries and coastal waters to provide ecological services to the human population living on their shores.
  • Estuarine Ecohydrology : Environmental degradation can only be remedied by restoring some of the working of the ecosystem, helping the partially restored system improve itself naturally, and improving the robustness of the ecosystem and its ability to absorb human stress. Ecohydrology provides technology for mitigating the impact on the coastal zone of human activities, using or enhancing the natural capacity of the water bodies to absorb or process nutrients and pollutants from human activities.
  • Mangrove WWW Sites: A selection of useful web sites dealing with mangrove ecosystems and other tropical wetlands. Newcastle University, United Kingdom.
  • Earth Systems Hydrosphere : Listing of environmental organizations. Earth Systems is an association expressly dedicated to the advancement of environmental information and education to the world community.
  • Aruba Birdlife Conservation : There are 236 registered species of birds in Aruba. More than three quarters of these are migratory. Aruba has two endemic subspecies: the Shoco and the Prikichi as locals know them; our Burrowing Owl and Brown-throated Parakeet. Aruba Birdlife Conservation is dedicated to protection and conservation of native habitat that makes Aruba unique in the world.

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