D. Scott Taylor

D. Scott Taylor, Central Region Land Manager Brevard County Environmentally Endangered Lands Program Raised in West Melbourne, D. Scott Taylor left the area for undergraduate study, returning in 1980 to study at the Florida Institute of Technology. Scott joined the EEL Program in 2002, following extensive travels and 14 years with Brevard Mosquito Control as a biologist.
    Scott brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the EEL Program, including:

  • Ph.D. in marine biology from Florida Institute of Technology
  • Biologist for Brevard Mosquito Control specializing in research and restoration of mosquito impoundments
  • 33 scientific papers (peer reviewed) on a variety of topics
  • 20 articles published in the popular magazines (including Natural History)
  • 39 presentations at state and national-level scientific meetings
  • Travels -- Caribbean, Central America, Europe, Mediterranean countries, north Africa, middle East, Asia
  • With career interests in mangrove fishes, Scott studied at field sites in Belize, Honduras, Cuba, the Bahamas and coastal
  • Florida and received grant funding from the Smithsonian Institute for his research
  • Formerly a visiting Assistant Professor at Florida Institute of Technology
  • Currently an adjunct professor at Brevard Community College.
  • Certified in Natural Areas Management, Natural Areas Weed Management, Wildland Fire Training, Prescribed Fire, CPR and First Aid
  • Personal interests -- photography, music, fishing, nature study, and horticulture; former NAUI SCUBA instructor and accomplished sailor
  • As Central Region Land Manager -- Scott applies his ongoing research and broad scope of knowledge to the challenges of land management in the region, including the Pine Island Conservation Area.

    D. Scott Taylor, Ph.D.
    Brevard County Environmentally Endangered Lands Program
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