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Anthropogenic influences are rapidly changing coastlines damaging Mangrove & Coral Reef Ecosystems with catastrophic consequences. REM Mangrove Reforestation Technology has radically transformed the ability to mitigate ecological degradation, promote sustainable development, build green infrastructure & increase biodiversity as-well-as resilience of the coastal ecology.

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Ecological Importance of Mangrove Habitat
Mangrove & Coral Reef Ecosystems
Empirical Evidence in Mangrove Reforestation
Mangrove Mitigation & Shoreline Stabilization
Ecological Engineering & Ecosystem Design, Mangrove Mitigation
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Mangrove Agroforestry & Sustainable Development
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Update Reef Islands Reforestation
Coral Reef Islands Reforestation Update   Video   1:20

Reforestation Coral Reef Islands
Coral Reef Islands Mangrove Reforestation   Video   7:36

REM Reef Island Formation
Animation of Mangrove Island Formation /   Video   1:09

Mangrove Mitigation
Ecological Engineering & Sustainable Development   Video   0:45

What is the Difference?
Green Funeral & Ecological Burial   Video   3:08

Green Funeral Reforestation
Cypress Preserve & Living Memorial   Video   2:16

Respect the Coral Reef
Biodiversity & Ecosystem Productivity 2:58

Celebration of Life
Animation - eco-Funeral services for positive environmental & Social Change   Video   1:58

Mangrove Reforestation & Ecological Restoration   PDF Document

Mangrove Education & Field Training
Instruction in Mangrove Reforestation   PDF Document

Empirical Evidence
Mangrove & Coastal Reforestation Technology   PDF Document

Mangrove Island Reforestation
Erosion Control & Mangrove Habitat Restoration   PDF Document

Coastal Resilience
Coastal Resilience   PDF Document

Leonardo DiCaprio Blackadore Caye
Leonardo DiCaprio Blackadore Caye   PDF Document

Mangrove Mitigation
Shoreline Stabilization & Erosion Control   PDF Document

St. Croix Mangrove Restoration
Community Participation in Mangrove Restoration   PDF Document

World Congress Agroforestry 2014
Mangrove Agroforestry - Livelihood & Biofuel Program /

Agroforestry Solution to
    Poverty & Hunger

Sustainable Mangrove Reforestation

Ecological Importance of Mangroves
Mangrove Ecology

Empirical Evidence
Applications in Mangrove Reforestation

Shoreline Stabilization
Mangrove Island - Reforestation & Restoration

Services - What We Do
Sustainable Development, Ecological Engineering, Ecosystem Design, Reforestation Technology

Green Funeral Living Memorial
Green Burial & ecoFuneral Alternative

Riley Encased MethodologyTM
    Principles and Processes
Mangrove Habitat Creation and Restoration - Mangroves and Salt Marshes Journal

Mangrove Habitat Dynamics
Natural Environmental and Ecology

  - Storm Conditions
  - Wrack Line
  - Tidal Variances
  - Ecological Importance
  - Mangrove Destruction
  - Fish Survives in Mangrove Swamps

Cabo Rojo Mangrove Restoration
Urbanization & Overexploitation of Mangrove Forest

Green Initiatives Aruba
Mangrove Ecosystem

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