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Ecological Engineering Ecotechnology
Mangrove Reforestation * Shoreline Restoration

Anthropogenic influences are rapidly changing coastlines damaging Mangrove and Coral Reef ecosystems with catastrophic consequences. REM Mangrove Reforestation Ecotechnology has radically transformed the ability to mitigate ecological degradation, promote sustainable development, build green infrastructure and increase biodiversity as-well-as resilience of the coastal ecology.

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Depositional Node Engineering  
Ecological Infrastructure  
Reforestation Laughing Bird Caye  
Mangrove Shoreline Stabilization  
Mangrove Caye Retoration

Reef Island Reforestation

Ecological Importance of Mangrove Habitat
Mangrove and Coral Reef Ecosystems
Empirical Evidencein Mangrove Reforestation
Mangrove Mitigation and Shoreline Stabilization
Leonardo DiCaprio Blackadore Caye
Bioversity Scientist
Ecological Engineering, Ecosystem Design, Mangrove Mitigation
Mangrove Reforestation Sustainable Development & Green Infrastrucutre

Mangrove Reforestation Technology
Case Study
Mangrove Forest, Green Infrastructure, Mangrove Island Reforestation
Sole Source Sole Source
Mangrove Education and Field Training


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Update Reef Islands Reforestation
Coral Reef Islands Reforestation Update   Video   1:20

Reforestation Coral Reef Islands
Coral Reef Islands Mangrove Reforestation   Video   7:36

REM Mangrove Island Formation
Mangrove Island Formation /   Video   1:09

Mangrove Mitigation
Ecological Engineering and Sustainable Development   Video   0:45

Green Funeral Reforestation
Cypress Preserve and Living Memorial   Video   2:16

Respect the Coral Reef
Mangroves & Coral Reefs   Video 2:58

Reforestation Laughing Bird Caye
Mangrove Reforestation Laughing Bird Caye National Park   Video 2:58

Mangrove Shoreline Stabilization
Mangrove Reforestation & Shoreline 
stabilization   Video 2:58

What is the Difference?
Green Funeral and Ecological Burial   Video   3:08

Celebration of Life
Animation - eco-Funeral services for positive environmental & Social Change   Video   1:58

Leonardo DiCaprio Blackadore Caye
Leonardo DiCaprio Blackadore Caye   PDF Document

Mangrove Reforestation and Ecological Restoration   PDF Document

Empirical Evidence
Mangrove and Coastal Reforestation Technology   PDF Document

Mangrove Island Reforestation
Erosion Control and Mangrove Habitat Restoration   PDF Document

Mangrove & Coral Reef Ecosystems
Coastal Resilience and Biodiversity   PDF Document

St. Croix Mangrove Restoration
Community Participation in Mangrove Restoration   PDF Document

Mangrove Mitigation
Shoreline Stabilization and Erosion Control   PDF Document

Mangrove Education and Field Training
Instruction in Mangrove Reforestation   PDF Document

Ecological Importance of Mangroves
Mangrove Ecology

Empirical Evidence
Applications in Mangrove Reforestation

Shoreline Stabilization
Mangrove Island - Reforestation and Restoration

Services - What We Do
Sustainable Development, Ecological Engineering, Ecosystem Design, Reforestation Technology

Agroforestry Solution to
    Poverty and Hunger
Sustainable Mangrove Reforestation

World Congress Agroforestry 2014
Mangrove Agroforestry - Livelihood and Biofuel Program /

Green Funeral Living Memorial
Green Burial and ecoFuneral

Riley Encased MethodologyTM
    Principles and Processes
Mangrove Habitat Creation and Restoration - Mangroves and Salt Marshes Journal

Mangrove Habitat Dynamics
Natural Environmental and Ecology

  - Storm Conditions
  - Wrack Line
  - Tidal Variances
  - Ecological Importance
  - Mangrove Destruction
  - Fish Survives in Mangrove Swamps

Cabo Rojo Mangrove Restoration
Urbanization & Overexploitation of Mangrove Forest

Green Initiatives Aruba
Mangrove Ecosystem

Mangrove Related Websites
Mangrove and Coral Reef Links
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